FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Are there any english versions available?
Converse about the Economic energy theory (part of the original script) is available in english. At present no other scripts are available in english.

Are the scripts published by any publisher and available in bookstores?
Not yet. Sweden, with its limited market potential increases the economic risk of such a project and this publishing over the Internet, most likely will not enhance the publisher’s interest.

Will still more conclusions evolve? And if so, when are those to be expected?
Further conclusions have been made, but no publishing date has been decided.

Is there any scientific evidence of the conclusions of the economic energy theory?
A part of the economic energy theory is based on scientific evidence, such as the economic theory of supply and demand and the energy laws of physics; other statements, such as the unit cost and the energy quota influence on the market economy maturing process, have not been proved scientifically. The reader is recommended to scrutinize the script carefully. It must be underlined that the economic energy theory, is a theory, and should be read according to that. A theory is tested by confronting its predictions with evidence. It is necessary to discover if certain events are followed by the outcomes predicted by the theory.