Welcome to Predictum

Welcome to Predictum

Predictum is based on the Latin word Praedictum which means; to predict, prediction, to foresee.

What does the past mediate? What do common ordinary people express if, and when we take time, to stop and listen to them? Is there a critical pattern or path hiding throughout our history connecting our present with the future; an opportunity to foresee, predict and form the building blocks and structure of our future civilization; the society of our children and grandchildren?


This homepage is an attempt to construct a synthesis that connects the ordinary people and everyday life with the globalization process; with a clear purpose to shape a basic understanding, which will enable us to unite contradictory opinions and admit us to create a mutual vision towards the future. The main purpose is to invite the reader to another understanding of our society and our time; to view the forest despite the trees.  

Converse about The Economic energy theory (part of the original script) is now available in English: Written Literature/The Economic Energy Theory/Converse about The Economic energy theory/PDF-format.

Dan Jonsson, 2019