According to the Economic energy theory (EET), future availability of energy is of utmost importance for
the continuity of the market economy maturing progress.
There is a growing worldwide necessity and demand for sustainable energy solutions.
Investments have long-term implications whose consequences are difficult
to predict. Note that the investment calculation is an important, but still limited part,
of the investment process.
It is advisable to study the guidelines and practice the calculation model, in order to gain an
understanding of the model's capabilities and limitations, before the actual calculating begins.
The calculus are available in GHS and EUR.

  Please note that the author take no responsibility for the accuracy of the calculus.

  The calculus divides into seven parts
- Model input
- Income Statement
- Balance Sheet
- Cash Flow Statement
- Depreciation Handler
- Repayment Handler
- Guidelines

Calculus Solar panels extended

  An industry consider investing in a solar park with battery backup and trade the surplus (if any)
to the grid. A battery pack should also supply the industry during evenings (no sunlight) and serve
as back up during bad weather.
The management teamís aim is to establish a non-profitable self-financed firm, and requests
an interactive eleven-year calculus.
Available in GHS (protection code: AP13) and EUR (protection code: ZX05). Solar panels extended 2.6.4 D.xlsm Solar panels extended 2.6.4 D.xlsm