Written Works Rise Through the Ranks
On this page the reader can browse through the different works of litterature that have been written by Mr Dan Jonsson. With the exception 'Converse about the Economic energy theory', the works are only available in Swedish. Rise through the ranks provides the reader with an improved understanding of the methods and tactics used by the leaders of today. The script is written as a manual and describes how to reach the top of the hierarchy in a common organization. The script is a description of the society from a bottom-up or individual perspective.

The Selection Process The Economic Energy Theory
The Selection process describes our society from a top-down perspective; how the systems, leaders and citizens interact. Proposals are made on how to rebalance or even shift the authority that evolved during the late 2000 century, when egocentric interests became increasingly influential within the political institutions.

The Economic energy theory analyses and predicts the market economy maturing process, based on a modified Marxist value theory, the economic theory of supply and demand and the energy laws of physics. The theory states that the market economy is a logical consequence, valid at all times. Part of the original script is available in english. 

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